Corporate Relocation

At Fox Relocations, one of our most valued operations is the corporate and government relocation services.

For many years, we have been servicing business and government relocation needs, and this is the main reason why we have grown to become one of the most reputable corporate mover in the market. Over the years, we have moved an array of businesses, governmental institutions, and their relocates, including 50% of the Fortune Global 500 listed companies.

Fox Relocations is here to ensure that the local, interstate, or international move for government, corporations, and their relocates is smooth and efficient, regardless of whether it involves moving an entire office, or an employee and his family abroad. We advocate for close corporation and open communication between all parties involved; thus ensuring that our moving services complement your budget and mobility plan.

When you decide to work with us, we shall not be your regular corporate mover. We shall be your ultimate partner who will provide dynamic reporting functionality in every move, and provide you with performance reviews that will give you an opportunity to give us feedback about the process.

The reason why you need to work with us is because you are the most valued stakeholder in our business. We do everything in our capability to ensure that all relocatees move with ease, and their hard-earned possessions are left in the hands of seasoned, tested, and approved removalists when they move with Fox Relocations.

Professional Relocation Services

Whether you are moving locally, interstate, or internationally, you can rest assured that Fox Relocation moving experts will develop a custom corporate moving program for you that will ensure the process is done at a time most convenient to your business, and that productivity is not halted in any way.

We help you move, while maintaining the flow of commercial activities in your business. This is why for over 7 decades, we have been able to build an unshakable track record that is hard to beat. Our experience and skills speaks volumes; hence you can rely on us to provide you with quality corporate moving services regardless of complexity of your needs.

Productivity and efficiency without compromise

We are experts in corporate moving, and we have efficient systems in place that ensure close to no interruptions and downtime in every move. We possess the highest standards of professionalism; thus we ensure that all your employees get a hassle-free transition that will not adversely affect their input. Our ultimate goal is to protect your investment, and we do it this with a passion.

Culture of excellence

At Fox Relocations, we have employed a team of trained, skilled experienced, dedicated, multilingual, and culturally diverse movers who will do whatever they can to ensure you get a the best moving experience anyone could ask for. When working with them, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is in good hands.

Commitment to performance

At Fox Relocations, our commitment is to provide all our clients with management reports that are informative, relevant, and valuable. Even though we have reporting formats that meets the needs of various clients, we shall engage you to help us come with a personalised format and content that will meet the unique needs of your business.

A major component of our reporting process is the development and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We have done this for many years, and we shall partner with you and determine how we shall do it for your business and fulfil its diverse needs.

Once we have identified the KPIs to measure, we shall meet with your time from time to time and determine who we have performed based on those KPIs. Some of the things we shall look at during the meeting include;

  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Expenditure analysis
  • Activity summary
  • Projections of service delivery enhancements for the next quarter
  • Future relocation plans and requirements
  • Service issues addressed
  • Storage summary
  • Removal summary by employees

Corporate Moving can be stressful. Nonetheless, it can be made stress-free, affordable, and convenient if you choose to work with fox relocations. Talk to us today!

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