Logistics Storage

The logistics of an office removal are not as straightforward as you might think. For instance, you might have a larger office in your current location, and the equipment in it cannot fit in the premise you are moving to, and you might need time to expand it. Also, you might have particular equipment that requires special conditions to be put in place so that your new office can hold it.

In such cases, you don’t have to go through a lot of problems trying to find a storage facility, neither do you have to postpone your move. We have spacious climate-controlled storage facilities, which are specially made to offer you with utmost convenience. Regardless of the item you want to store with us, you can rest assured that we shall have a custom solution for you, and your business will be 100% satisfied with our services.

Storage is a very important part of Fox relocations. We can store your goods on the short-term, seasonal, or long-term, providing you with astoundingly affordable and effective service. We store everything including all types of office furniture, machinery items, palletised stock, IT equipment, workstations, and a lot more.

Your belongings are stored in advanced ‘business packs’ which are closely monitored to ensure maximum safety. These packs are large enough, with a capacity of more than seven cubic metres, which means we can hold as many items as possible. In addition, they are constructed with timber, which means everything stored in them will breathe and remain dirt-free.

The moment you store your belongings with us, we shall take an inventory of every item and detail its current condition. This ensures that in case you find an item is not in the same condition you left it, you will have a reason to raise claims with our insurance department.

All furniture items are wrapped in furniture pads for added protection, and this is another reason why you need to store your business items with us.

Regardless of the state you are moving your business to, you can rely on Fox relocations to provide you with a complete and highly customised relocation that is hard to find in the modern market. Connect with our office movers today!

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