Business Relocation

Having moved thousands of businesses in various industries, we understand what it takes to move smoothly and conveniently locally and interstate. Therefore, whenever you need your business moved, you can rely on our seasoned movers to get the work done in the shortest time possible.

Our skilled, trained, committed, and experienced movers will handle your move from start to finish, so that you can concentrate on anything else that matters to your business. With Fox Relocations, you can rest assured that moving your business and all the equipment will be astoundingly smooth; hence you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

We know that the easiest way a business can make money is through operations. Therefore, we know that downtime can cost you revenue, and this is why we try to keep it to a minimum. Having in business for over seven decades, we have devised strategies that help us move your business without causing any disruptions; thus we don’t compromise the performance of your business during the process. Additionally, we know how to offer a combination of swift and safe business moving services; therefore downtime should always be the least of your worries when working with us.

Fox Relocation’s name is synonymous with successful business relocation

For the time we send our packers to your office, load belongings on the waiting trucks, and unpack them when we arrive at your new premises, moving with Fox Relocations is a simple and straightforward process.

Your business is as important as your home. Therefore, don’t be tempted to believe that packing things yourself will save you money. You might end up spending more, and getting tires, and this is why you need to leave all the laborious work to the professionals. Whether you want office plants, furniture, or the bulky piano in your music room packed or moved, rest assured that our professional packers and movers will deliver them to your new business home in no time.

Sometimes, you will need to get your new premises ready so that it can play homage to some items. Or maybe, you need to build more room so that you can have some of your office stationary. We are aware of this fact, and this is why we provide secure storage facilities, which are climate controlled to hold items that require specialised storage.

To ensure that your business revenues are not adversely affected by your move, get the best services from the most celebrated office moving company in the country. This is because we don’t just move you, but we also improve the settling process and make sure your business is up and running within the shortest time possible.

Rely on us for efficient and timely removals

Moving a business is not easy. First, a mover has to make sure that the process causes little or no disruptions to daily activities. Secondly, he has to know that all equipment cannot be moved at a go, and also, some equipment such as computers may need to be handled with care since they are delicate. Thirdly, he should know that businesses have cove confidential files; thus offering safe and secure moving should be a priority.

Our business moving services are not just about office furniture and plants. We are committed to ensuring that your business transitions as it should; hence we have invest in the safest transportation and storage methods that guarantee the security of your confidential business files and delicate possessions.

We have a team of experienced office movers who are armed with the latest packing trends and materials such as air padding technologies which ensure that your office equipment and furniture reach the desired destination in their normal state. We shall also appoint skilled movers to handle your confidential documents; hence you can have peace of mind knowing that your business data will not be seen by malicious individuals during the moving process.

You might be doing your first office move, and you have fear of the known. But at Fox relocations, we have done thousands of moves over the years, and we have seen it all. As seasoned professionals, our team will always be there for you, and offer solutions to all your moving needs – from packing delicate items to disconnecting and reconnecting office appliances, be sure that everything will be done with utmost professionalism, and they will leave your old and new premises better than they found it.

Office relocation done right

Office relocation logistics are unpredictable. Therefore, you cannot choose the first office mover you come across in the market. When shopping for a mover, keep the following benefits in mind:

Pre-relocation consultation – go for a mover who can give you advice on how to make your business move easy, including packing tips and techniques

  • Advanced moving equipment for staff and belongings
  • Latest packing technologies
  • Secure storage facilities
  • Experience

Regardless of where you are moving your office to, you can rely on Fox relocations to provide you with the benefits mentioned above and much more. We have offices all over the country, and hundreds of people working around the clock in your local area to ensure all your business relocation needs are sorted.

You don’t need to go through a lot of trouble whenever you need to move your business. We have the experience, skills set, and commitment to help you achieve the smoothest transition you can ask for. Pick up your phone, call us, and get a free, no-obligation quote. Good luck!

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